About Us

Mr. A.J.Wichita, a retired Navy Engineer, originally incorporated the company that could go beyond conventional oils and fuel additives. Today, “ Nitro-9 Products” are designed and specifically formulated to: (i) reduce dry metal contacts and provide lubrication when and where required. (ii) reduce exhaust emissions and provide better fuel economy. For over 50 years, Nitro-9 metals treatments and additives have been recognized as exceptionally durable lubricants and fuel additive products. Practically unknown to common market, Nitro-9 metals treatments have been on the market for decades. The “Nitro-9 Products” line has expanded from the original five baseline additives to complete approach on smoke and emission reduction on all internal combustion engines in cars, trucks, buses, D-9 caterpillars, maritime and naval vessels and much more. This includes atmospheric fired boilers operated on ships, asphalt plants, cement plants and other operations using low quality fuel.

Our History

Over 60 year ago, Nitro-9 developed metal lubricants and fuel treatments to reduce down time in oil and gas productions equipment. Today used in over 25 countries……….. Though Nitro-9 Products save our customers in energy costs and downtime, revenue loss is the most critical area of cost saving followed by maintenance, labour and parts. Our products can reduce these costs by up to 60% or more, in over 87,000 hours of testing, we have documented life extension of major components from two to three times. Nitro-9 Products are compatible and don’t have any or very minor impact on original fluids parameters. We work on metals not on fluids.

A Sole Source Supplier

Nitro-9 Products can offer both actions, cleaning and increased lubrication, where you need it when you need it. Our distributor is your sole source supplier.