Our Vision

In this competitive world economy, the businesses & owners are looking for cost-effective measures & improved economy, environmental protection, natural resources are rapidly being depleted.

Rising expenditures, energy costs, pollution, competition etc. were all long overdue and are coming now. Nitro-9 had long vision to solve these coming problems. Nanotechnology is in our doors. Made with elements smaller than 300 nanometers. “Nitro-9 Products” directly treat the metals and allow making of the solid lubrication resulting 2-3 times longer life for common running Engines and other major components, plus reduced maintenance, repair and down time.

Nitro-9 Fuel Additives create a new efficiency out of today’s fuels. Test after test and at the latest, 2011. ENERGOTEST, Nitro-9 proved to SAVE FUEL under strict OEM Specifications and SAE-J1321, International Standards at GOVT. OF CANADA. TRANSPORT CANADA TEST CENTRE. The Opacity of 0.21% REDUCED to 0.06%, a decrease of 3.5 times from the original level.

To protect your investment, business and environment.

Nitro-9 may be one of the biggest cost reduction moves you will ever make.

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